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Bereavement and family breakdown pushed James into sleeping rough. However, a StreetLink referral made on his behalf ensured that he was found by the local outreach service and offered support and accommodation. His life has now taken a complete turnaround and he is in a positive place.

James P3

What was your situation when you were sleeping rough?

I experienced bereavement and family breakdown and had suicidal thoughts, so I left the family home. For several weeks I was hopping between sofa surfing, staying in my Mum’s car and sleeping rough. I found a boiler room under a school to sleep in. It was freezing but it was dry. It was a terrible experience to be honest.

How was StreetLink able to help?

My mental health nurse contacted StreetLink. I hadn’t told anyone that I was sleeping rough, but she suspected... and it changed everything thankfully. I’d never heard of StreetLink but I was at breaking point, so I said, “if you can help me, please do”. Once the alert had been sent, the local outreach team from P3 Charity came to find me, and their support has done amazing things for me.

How has P3 Charity supported you?

Leah, my outreach worker, has been outstanding and I can’t thank her enough.

That first night, P3 got me into a hotel and gave me food and a phone. From there I was assessed for a place at Safe Spaces in Gloucestershire and later helped to move into supported accommodation.

They supported me to attend GP and mental health appointments and crisis meetings. They also encouraged mediation between my partner and myself.

P3’s ongoing help has changed my mind set on most things and I’ve stabilised now. They know me and that’s been brilliant.

What is life like now?

My life has taken a complete turnaround. I've restored my relationship with my partner and now I’m back home with the family. We’ve moved from a two-bedroom flat into a three-bed house and that has helped a lot. I'm taking medication and working well with the mental health team. It’s unbelievable. Most days I’m all smiles.

What are your thoughts about StreetLink?

StreetLink is a really useful service. I wouldn’t have asked for help and I didn’t even know what was out there, so it’s brilliant that someone was able to get that help for me. Once you are linked up with services and a support worker, then all the information you need is there to support your recovery.