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Preventing homelessness

We should be taking action to prevent people from losing their homes in the first place, rather than waiting until people are at crisis point. It’s also important that we find long term sustainable solutions.

To prevent and end homelessness, we need: 

  • An increased supply of and access to truly affordable homes
  • Increased investment in welfare support for those who need it
  • Greater support for non-UK nationals who are at risk of homelessness
  • Homelessness services that that are fully funded and fit for the future
  • A cross-Government strategy for tackling homelessness

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 the government worked with councils and charities to ensure that everyone without a home or at risk of losing their home was brought inside to safe accommodation. More than 33,000 were found emergency accommodation quickly and 23,000 were helped to find longer term accommodation. 

This proves what it is possible when everyone works together.

For each individual faced with losing their home there are likely to be complex causes to be tackled. This can take effort from many different agencies. There are some positive examples of where agencies working together can address these complex needs:

Housing First

Housing First is part of a global movement that prioritises housing for people facing multiple disadvantage. Homeless Link would like to see the Housing First approach made available to everyone who needs it.

Making Every Adult Matter

Homeless Link is also a partner in Making Every Adult Matter which follows a similar approach.

Approaches to homelessness

We know that approaches which address holistic needs of an individual deliver the best results in the long term. 

Homeless Link advocates for the use of Trauma Informed Care with people facing homelessness. We also recommend that our members become Psychologically Informed Environments or PIE.  PIE have been shown by researchers to have positive impacts on people’s lives. These best practices need to be shared and adopted whenever possible.  

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