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Added 11 April 2024

Who are these recordings for?

Welcome to this four-part bitesize e-learning on the essentials of rough sleeper outreach.

The recordings are for outreach workers and other frontline staff working away from building-based services with those sleeping rough. Outreach is a type of support work. And outreach workers assist those who are currently sleeping rough, usually meeting them where they are bedding down. Effective outreach means offering each person a holistic support package with a focus on moving away from the streets. It also means being an advocate; helping people to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from accessing housing and other support services.

What are the key elements of these videos?

In these four bite-size videos we will look at what effective outreach is and the essential elements of supporting people away from sleeping rough. We will also look at what is needed to ensure the well-being of outreach workers. Each of the videos is based on Homeless Link’s National Homelessness Skills Framework and the Principles for Rough Sleeping Outreach, which were developed with the help of people with direct experience of homelessness, service managers and frontline staff, and published in early 2024.

Video one looks at how to be timely, purposeful and barrier-free in supporting anyone who is sleeping rough.

Video two covers advocacy and active engagement in person-centred support.

Video three looks at how to offer an outreach service that is trauma-informed and in partnership with other services.

Video covers the safety, well-being and development of outreach workers and why these are important.

Each video concludes with self-guided activities and suggested actions to help incorporate the learning from the videos into working practice.

On this page you will also find transcripts for all five videos containing links to a wealth of additional resources on the areas covered in each one.

Video transcripts

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