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Added 06 April 2022

Session 6: Brexit – what does it mean for migrant homelessness?

The entitlement of EU nationals to housing support was a complex issue while the UK was in the European Union. What changes does Brexit bring and why is June 30th 2021 an important date? How might these changes affect the support you can offer? This session aims to provide some ideas and information about preparing for change and delivering services within any new rules.

Benjamin Morgan from the Public Interest Law Centre will examine the legal side and Matt Lambert from Enterprise Homes will explain their approach. The session is chaired by former MEP Jean Lambert.

A series of recordings from the online Homelessness and Migration conference, held on 17 March 2021.The event was designed to equip homelessness services and commissioners with the information and tools they need to better support homeless migrants. It was delivered by Homeless Link in partnership with the Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network facilitated by Praxis Community Projects.