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Added 06 April 2022

Session 13: Closing Plenary: Looking to the future; what’s next?

The closing plenary sums up the themes and solutions from the day and focus on where to go from here. Panellists consider what opportunities there are for the homelessness and migrant sectors to work together.

Sally Daghlian, Alison Bacon, Lidia Estevez Picon, Rick Henderson and Renae Mann
Praxis, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater London Authority, Homeless Link and NACCOM

A series of recordings from the online Homelessness and Migration conference, held on 17 March 2021.The event was designed to equip homelessness services and commissioners with the information and tools they need to better support homeless migrants. It was delivered by Homeless Link in partnership with the Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network facilitated by Praxis Community Projects.