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Added 15 March 2024

Who is this document for?

  • Managers of homelessness services or projects, Senior Leaders, and CEOs of the Homelessness sector
  • Participants of the Leadership Support Programme, Established Leaders, and Emerging Leaders.

Why is it relevant?

This webinar explores the Equality Act and its application within the homelessness context, providing insights for leaders and managers in the sector. By understanding legal frameworks and exploring inclusive practices, participants can enhance organisational cultures and better support people experiencing homelessness.

What are the key takeaways?

  1. Understanding of the Equality Act and its relevance to homelessness services
  2. Insight into how power dynamics and oppression operate within organisations
  3. Strategies for creating inclusive environments and cultures within homelessness services
  4. Practical examples of how positive action can be implemented within organisations
  5. Introduction to intersectionality and its implications for individuals experiencing homelessness