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Added 21 February 2024

Who is it for

This literature review is for anyone looking to understand more about women's experiences of homelessness. It will also support practitioners seeking relevant evidence.

Why is it relevant

Women's experience of homelessness are often hidden, so it can be hard to access the evidence on experiences of women's homelessness. This literature review lays out the existing evidence on women’s homelessness. It is intended as an introduction to understanding women’s homelessness and points towards resources that may be of interest for those wishing to explore further.

Key takeaways

Measuring women's homelessness, exploring what we know and the limits to what we know about how many women are:

  • Rough sleeping
  • 'Hidden Homelessness'
  • Statutorily homeless and in refuges.

Understanding women's homelessness. Including:

  • Experiences of violence and abuse
  • Mental health
  • Separation from a child
  • Physical health
  • Diversity
  • Race, ethnicity and nationality
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disability
  • Substance Use
  • Age
  • Sex and sex work