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Added 20 May 2022

Webinar recorded: 5 October 2022

This webinar provides key information about learning disabilities and homelessness, and talks through the Learning Disabilities and Homelessness Toolkit which has been created to improve awareness and support in the sector.

It covers:

  • the different learning disabilities criteria
  • how learning disabilities may present in people they support
  • what they and others can do, including more about the toolkit and how to use it

The webinar includes a presentation from Clinical Psychologist, Dr Anna Tickle, who co-authored the toolkit. A multi-disciplinary panel discussion will also take place considering the perspectives and role of clinicians, local authorities and frontline workers and answering audience questions.

More information on the toolkit

This toolkit is for services who support people experiencing homelessness who may also have learning disabilities. Staff and Managers can use it to help them make appropriate reasonable adjustments, which might include assisted communication, support with activities of daily living, or support to develop social or practical skills. It offers a starting point in working towards good practice in supporting people with a learning disability, and signposts to further information and resources. 

It has been written by Dr Anna Tickle at Framework and Opportunity Nottingham with contributions from Westminster City Council, Change Communication, Professor Karen McKenzie at Northumbria University and Groundswell.

Download toolkit