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Added 25 March 2022

The guidance documents and resources on this page are aimed at building effective relationships between mental health and homelessness professionals and supporting the mental health needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Using the Mental Capacity Act

This guidance is intended to give an overview of the main points of the MCA, so that you can ensure that you implement them into your practice, and are compliant with the law, as well as ensuring the best outcomes for individuals.

Mental Health Service Assessments for Rough Sleepers

This guidance and set of screening tools covers:

  • The assessment of the risks run by someone who is sleeping rough
  • The use of the Mental Capacity Act – is the individual really making an informed decision to stay on the street?
  • The use of the Mental Health Act - and developing a hospital admission plan.
  • Raising an adult safeguarding alert.

The Mental Capacity Act & Mental Health Act Screening Tools have been taken from this guidance for ease of downloading copies. The Hospital Admission Plan accompanies these screening tools when it has been decided that an individual requires to be admitted to hospital for their mental health.

Working with statutory mental health services

This guidance covers primary and secondary mental health care along with how to refer into mental health services.

Homelessness guidance for mental health professionals

This document has been written for mental health professionals who work within NHS mental health services in England. It aims to provide an overview of how homelessness services operate, and some of the ways in which mental health professionals’ input can support better outcomes for people.