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Added 13 April 2022

This webinar explores how homelessness charities and Local Authorities can respond and provide support to veterans at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness. It looks at what solutions and support are available to vulnerable veterans.

This webinar is presented by Ed Tytherleigh, Chief Executive of Stoll, a leading provider of supported housing to vulnerable veterans and Lee Buss, Director of Operations and Group Veteran’s Lead at Riverside, a leading registered provider of supported and social housing.

This webinar explores:

  1. Background information on who qualifies as a veteran
  2. The profile of homelessness within the veterans’ community
  3. The services that exist for veterans facing homelessness
  4. Information on the Cobseo Housing Cluster, including who their members are
  5. Details of the No Homeless Veterans Campaign
  6. How homelessness charities can help prevent veterans’ homelessness
  7. The obligations of Local Authorities around veterans