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Women experience homelessness in different ways to men. Triggers of homelessness as well as experiences while homeless are unique to each person, however a person's gender and relationship to their gender impacts on their experience. To consider the impact of gender is to adopt a 'gender informed' approach. This is applicable to the way the sector supports women experiencing homelessness who are using drugs and/or alcohol. ​

In Episode 3 of Series 4 of the Going Beyond Podcast, we speak to Fiona McCormack, researcher with the Centre for Health and Development at Staffordshire University and Sarah Page, Associate Professor in Social Justice and Social Learning at Staffordshire University. We speak about women’s use of substances, the barriers to access and engagement in support, and best practice for frontline workers.

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Discover the previous series of our Going Beyond podcast, our podcast series for people working in the homelessness sector.

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