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Added 12 April 2022

Series 4 just launched!

Have a listen to 'Going Beyond', our podcast series for people working in the homelessness sector.

  • Series 1: Explores how homelessness services can embrace relationship-based approaches to better support people to end their homelessness.
  • Series 2: Discusses the effects of working in the homelessness sector on individual wellbeing, looking at managing stress, burnout, the effects of vicarious trauma and the importance of debriefing and reflective practice.
  • Series 3: Discuss good practice in how to support individuals experiencing homelessness who have complex health and care needs. The episodes cover dual diagnosis, physical health needs, hoarding, self-neglect and brain injury.
  • Series 4: Released in January 2024, Series 4 discusses approaches to supporting people experiencing homelessness who are using drugs and/or alcohol. The episodes cover the prevalence of use, harm reduction techniques, women’s use of substances, drug use in supported accommodation and barriers to engagement with treatment services.

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To ensure the podcast is accessible, for Series 4, we have provided downloadable transcripts for each episode.

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