Naloxone in homelessness services

Guidance for managers of homelessness accommodation services on using naloxone to prevent overdose deaths

Provision of naloxone is an evidence-based intervention that can save lives. This guidance explains its role in overdose prevention; the context of drug-related deaths and homelessness that makes naloxone so relevant to this sector; and the practical steps needed to introduce naloxone in your service.

The guidance was updated in spring 2020 to reflect the introduction of nasal naloxone.

Many thanks to the individuals and organisations that have contributed to this guidance since its original publication in 2015: Sunny Dhadley, Naloxone Action Group England, Porchlight, Society of St James, Martindale Pharma, Cosgarne Hall, Norfolk Recovery Partnership, Scottish Drugs Forum, St Mungo’s Broadway, Brighton & Hove DAAT, and MHCLG.

Naloxone in homelessness services

How to introduce naloxone as part of harm reduction in homelessness services


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