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Last updated: 22 February 2024

There is no reason why anyone should be homeless in England.

Having a safe place to live, and support when you need it, should be the foundation of any healthy society. But homelessness is rising, with hundreds of thousands of people in the UK forced to live with its insecurity and trauma, deeply impacting both their health and wellbeing and that of local communities.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The next Government can and must act to change this.

We will almost certainly have a general election in 2024. Ahead of this, Homeless Link has published its manifesto to end homelessness.

Our ambitions of the next Government are drawn from our unique position as the membership body for over 800 homelessness organisations across England. It builds on work with our members, on engagement with specialists and experts and on the rich body of evidence on what works to end homelessness. This diversity of voices involved has allowed us to hear both the immediate needs of a sector in crisis, and the long-term ambitions to end homelessness altogether.

Our Manifesto to End Homelessness Executive Summary

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Sophie Boobis

Head of Policy and Research

Head of Policy and Research