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Added 20 March 2024

This briefing provides ‘Top Tips from the Frontline’ on how to support migrant women. The content was created at communities of practice and are based largely on the expert advice from the speakers.

Who is this document for?

Frontline homelessness practitioners who provide support to migrant women.

Why is it relevant?

Migrant women are negatively impacted by policies that restrict certain rights and entitlements. Currently, those with insecure immigration status are prevented from working, renting, driving, accessing health services, and from claiming benefits. This can trigger and impact experiences of homelessness. Frontline practitioners can play an important role in supporting migrant women to manage the effects of the hostile environment.

What are the key takeaways?

To give effective support to migrant women frontline homelessness workers can provide:

  • Access to immigration advice
  • Language support
  • Support to challenge restricted eligibility due to immigration status (NRPF)
  • Cultural understanding and awareness
  • Responsive safety planning
  • Financial support

Read the summary and/or briefing to find out how to facilitate this support in practice.