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It is almost certain that your job requires you to influence people on a daily basis.  This may take the form of getting people to do things; inspiring others to buy into something; motivating your team; or selling an idea. Whatever the context, being able to positively influence is an essential management and leadership skill.  Successful influencers know that the key to influencing is understanding how to communicate effectively and using the right tool, with the right person at the right time.  It is not about working harder but working smarter.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers of Housing Options Team
  • Officers being considered for a management or ‘acting up’
  • Other Managers or Team Leaders.

Course content

What is influencing
In this session we will look at what influencing is, and why it is important in your role as a Housing Manager.  You will have an opportunity to review your current approach so that you can identify your strengths and areas for development. 

Understanding the communication process
In this session we will look at how different people think, how they process information, and how they communicate. We will also explore the important role of emotions and Emotional Intelligence in that process.  

Core communication skills
In this session you will have the opportunity to review your knowledge and understanding of core communication and interpersonal skills.  We will also consider the important role of authenticity and active engagement, and look at how these, often underestimated skills can have a significant impact upon your ability to influence and motivate successfully.

Influencing styles
This session builds on the previous sessions and looks at a range of influencing styles. We will look at how and when to use these styles in order to achieve improved outcomes. 

Putting learning into practice
The final session is about putting theory into practice and considering how you will transfer the learning back to the workplace.

Course outcomes

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Achieve your desired outcomes more easily
  • Sell your ideas, points of view or proposals more successfully
  • Understand the role of emotions and their relationship with how we think and process information
  • Explain the difference between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ styles of influencing
  • Use your current skills more effectively
  • Identify ways in which you can build-on your skills in order to communicate, motivate and influence more successfully.


Face to face: One-day course
Online: Three 1.5 hour modules delivered in one day

We can be flexible on the above delivery model if needed, but an additional cost may be incurred. 

Costs for one full-day face to face course or three 1.5-hour online modules

This course can be booked for a team of up to 16 for face to face training or up to 20 for online training: 

Members face to face: £940 plus Trainer expenses
Members online: £940 - no Trainer expenses

Non-members face to face: £1,335 plus Trainer expenses
Non-members online: £1,335 - no Trainer expenses


If you're interested in booking this training or would like to find out more:
Email: training@homelesslink.org.uk
​Call: James on 07375 042 815 or Sharelle on 07881 921 476