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This course will equip you with knowledge and skills to respond proactively to the complex issues linked to race, ethnicity and homelessness.

It offers an insight into the varied experiences of people from ethnically marginalised communities and provides resources that will help you to collaborate and develop culturally specific links.

The course encourages and supports you to engage with challenges and uncomfortable issues as you seek to fulfil your role and promote equitable treatment for people who are subject to racism.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers and frontline staff from any homelessness service.
  • Staff involved in creating organisational policies in homelessness services.
  • Staff from other sectors who want to increase understanding and confidence working with people of diverse race and ethnicity.

Please note, it can be emotionally taxing to relearn the inequalities people with lived experience from ethnically marginalised groups face, so we particularly encourage people who are not ethnically marginalised to attend.

What will you learn?

Through this course, your team will:

  • Recognise causes and types of homelessness experienced by people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and how racism is linked to this.
  • Be alert to how practitioner language and mindset can influence experiences and outcomes for people accessing services.
  • Consider how bias and oppressive structures can lead to inequity and exclusion from services.
  • Describe how legislation, guidance and the wider landscape shape your responsibilities.
  • Understand how trauma is linked to race, ethnicity and homelessness and how you can respond.
  • Recognise intersectional identities and how they increase and compound discrimination and harm.
  • Explore the terms “privilege” and “dominance” in relation to discrimination.
  • Learn how to develop cultural competence in order to improve outcomes for ethnically marginalised people.
  • Apply principles of strengths-based practice to the current context.

How will it be delivered?

This one-day course can be booked for a team of up to 16 for in-person training or up to 20 for online training.

If you need something different, we can tailor the course delivery to suit you, with some potential adjustments in cost.

How much will it cost?

Non-members: £1,400

Members: £990

Please note, if you're opting for in-person training, the expenses of the trainer (e.g. travel to your location) will be added to your invoice.

We are a social enterprise so choosing training with us not only equips your team with vital skills but also fuels impactful research and campaigns, so every purchase goes back into ending homelessness.

Ready to take the next step?

To book or if you'd like to find out more:
Email: training@homelesslink.org.uk
​Call: James at 07375 042 815 or Hannah at 07939 967 209

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