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A practical and inspiring approach to wellbeing, focusing on safeguarding our time and establishing boundaries, so that we can effectively prioritise, set goals and manage our professional and personal balance.

This course will provide space for reflection and sharing of learning that will help delegates develop a personal action plan to implement post-training, as well as some useful tools and resources to take away.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is suitable for anyone working in the homelessness sector seeking to improve their wellbeing and balance, professionally and/or personally.
  • Anyone, including managers, seeking to support the wellbeing needs of their team members.

What will you learn?

Through this course, your team will:

  • Explore how to manage and organise priorities effectively, including the neuroscience behind time balancing
  • Provide you with an opportunity to practise applying time planning tools
  • Examine how to use existing assertiveness skills to manage time more effectively
  • Highlight efficient methods for managing paperwork and emails
  • Discuss effective task scheduling techniques
  • Explore strategies for delegating work effectively and how to take on delegated responsibility
  • Address the issue of "meeting overload" and offer strategies for managing it
  • Provide guidance on making meetings more efficient and participating effectively
  • Consider strategies for maintaining wellbeing during crises or emotionally challenging workplace situations
  • Offer opportunities for reflection on work/life balance and methods for improvement
  • Help you in developing a personal action plan

How did it be delivered?

This one-day course can be booked for a team of up to 16 for in-person training or up to 20 for online training.

If you need something different, we can tailor the course delivery to suit you, with some potential adjustments in cost.

How much will it cost?

Non-members: £1400

Members: £990

Please note, if you're opting for in-person training, the expenses of the trainer (e.g. travel to your location) will be added to your invoice.

We are a social enterprise so choosing training with us not only equips your team with vital skills but also fuels impactful research and campaigns, so every purchase goes back into ending homelessness.

Ready to take the next step?

To book or if you'd like to find out more:
Email: training@homelesslink.org.uk
​Call: James at 07375 042 815 or Hannah at 07939 967 209

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