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Resources for frontline workers

Holding conversations

One of the most important things you can do as a frontline worker is hold conversations with clients about their health.

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Whilst the pandemic might be behind us, COVID-19 is still very much here. We also have resources related to promoting vaccine uptake amongst vulnerable people.

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Managing medication

One of the hardest things for services is managing medication. This briefing is invaluable.

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Specific conditions

Over the years we have built up briefings on specific conditions. See for example:

Mental health

There is a very high proportion of people who have been homeless who have a mental health challenge. Homeless Link has a number of materials that might be helpful for you when dealing with clients.

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Speech and language

Frontline workers will always know that speech and language can be a challenge with clients. This webinar helps staff to understand their clients needs.

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Outreach workers

For outreach workers in particular, we have recorded two webinars and created a set of outreach principles.

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Gaining access to appropriate dentistry can be particularly challenging for people who have been homeless. See these specially created resources.

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Understanding mental capacity

This is a very challenging area, and our webinar and accompanying slides can be very helpful.

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We have created resources related to supporting people experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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A&E support

Resources including a podcast to help support workers improve Accident and Emergency experiences and care for their clients.

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Learning from best practice

As part of our Homeless Health Needs Audit, we have gathered some case studies of homelessness services and local areas where particularly progressive efforts have been made to tackle homeless health.

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Resources for managers

If you manage staff or a homelessness service, we also have resources related to supporting your frontline workers to have critical conversations about health with people experiencing homelessness and resources to support you in development and implementing policies for suicide prevention.

Encouraging health conversations

You will want to support your frontline workers to have conversations about health with clients. This "7 minute briefing" shows how to do that along with a template for a workshop that you can run.

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Implementing policies for suicide prevention

We have produced guidance for organisations who are developing suicide prevention policies.

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