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Added 19 February 2024

The Gendered Lens Framework has been designed to support homelessness services to respond to women effectively.

Who is it for?

It is for frontline workers, service managers and commissioners.

It will be particularly useful for those responsible for the design of homelessness services, whether they are looking to provide a gender specific service or to improve an existing offering.

Why is it relevant?

Women experience homelessness differently to men. Causes of homelessness and experiences while homeless are unique to each person, however a person's gender and relationship to their gender informs this experience.

Consequently, Homeless Link produced the ‘Gendered Lens Framework’ to support services take a gender informed approach. It communicates what we have learned from women with lived experience, and the women’s and homelessness sectors about how design and deliver effective support to women experiencing homelessness.

Key takeaways

The Gendered Lens Framework asks services to consider the impact of gender on a person’s experience of homelessness and ability to access the service. It includes seven approaches to service design and delivery:

  • co-production
  • valuing relationships
  • working together
  • intersectional
  • actively inclusive
  • trauma-informed
  • safer spaces

Framework Graphic 3

Each of these approaches should be viewed through the ‘Gendered Lens’, which means that even if they are already in place within the service, it is necessary to apply a gendered lens to consider if they are working well for women. For example, for a service to be trauma-informed, the impact of gender on a person’s experience and response to trauma should be understood.

Read the Gendered Lens Framework

Bitesize Videos

Homeless Link have produced a bitesize video series which provides an introduction to the Gendered Lens Framework. Each video is 5-10 minutes long and explains more about the impact of gender on women's experiences of homelessness and how you can use the Framework to improve the response to women.

Watch now


On the 28th of February 2024, Homeless Link coordinated a webinar to launch the Gendered Lens Framework. The webinar was chaired by Rick Henderson CEO, with presentations Homeless Link, Bristol Womens Action Group, Glass Door and Kairos. Watch the webinar for an overview of the Gendered Lens Framework and to find out from women with lived experiences and frontline services about how it works in practice.

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