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Jade is a writer

A Strengths-based Approach is a way of working that focuses on peoples’ strengths, interests and goals and that views them as equal partners in their own support. It involves re-framing the work of organisations to focus on an individual’s identified goals, with a considerable focus on building positive relationships between people working in organisations and those accessing them. 

The animation was produced by Digital Finch and based on insights and feedback from experts by experience. It focuses on the story of a woman called Jade and how Grace (her Coach) and the wider community work with her as she identifies her strengths and goals. It shows how the four themes of a Strengths-based-Approach – Strengths, Relationships, Consistency and Community – work in practice, following Jade as she builds on her pre-existing skills and starts to see herself in a new light. 

Resources for strengths-based working

Many organisations are interested in the idea of being strengths-based or asset-based but it's not always clear what it means to work in this way. As being strengths-based is individual to each person and each organisation, we can’t provide a blueprint for how to do this – but we can provide a guide on how to start and give an overview of where the journey might take you.