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Added 20 March 2024

This briefing provides ‘Top Tips from the Frontline’ on influencing for change in the response of systems and services to women’s homelessness. The content was created at communities of practice and are based largely on the expert advice from the speakers.

Who is this document for?

Practitioners who work in the homelessness sector and would like to influence for change.

Why is it relevant?

Women’s experiences of homelessness are often less visible (temporary accommodation, sofa surfing, unsafe accommodation, public transport etc.) Only 11% of homelessness services are gender specific. Services and systems which are designed for everyone without recognising the difference that gender makes, can privilege access for men.

It is often necessary to raise a collective voice to advocate for the needs of women that might otherwise remain unseen.

What are the key takeaways?

Keys steps you can take to influence of change include:

  • Define the change you want to see
  • Understand the decision makers
  • Consider whether you are trying to influence organisation’s practice; local policy; national policy
  • Make an argument for change
  • Build alliances

Read the summary and/or briefing to find out about how to engage with these steps in practice.